Your employees work hard. At Arch Management Strategies, we work with our clients to ensure that employees are paid on time and that all an employer’s legal obligations are met.

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Direct Deposits

Direct deposits offer you the ability to provide timely payments to your teams. It also greatly reduces the risk of fraudulence and lost or stolen checks. Let us focus on setting up and making adjustments to direct deposit accounts.

Payroll Taxes

Taxes are complicated; especially for the employer. At AMS, we will oversee these processes to ensure taxes and deductions are handled timely and appropriately.

Electronic Payroll Records

Electronic storage of records makes it easier for the employee and employer to organize and sift through the various levels and types of documents. It also acts as a back-up system in the event that the records are destroyed. Finally, it could potentially minimize the cost of storing employee or other types of business records for a prolonged period of time.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

By implementing a time and attendance tracking system in your practice, you have the power to reduce errors, enhance productivity, and remain compliant with a reliable system.

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Arch Management Strategies is a trusted practice management partner for your medical clinic.

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